Clinet Corporation Profile

  • Clinet Ltd,, CLN, is a global healthcare company established in Oct, 2001. 

    CLN is specialized in operating and managing hospitals and clinics around the world, and we are also specialized in operating and managing plastic and beauty surgery clinics.

    CLN manages and supports existing or newly created hospitals and clinics through franchising and assisting their business.

    CLN has been working globally together with medical institutes, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and pharmaceutical and all types of healthcare organizations to aim better and innovative way of treating patients with the most updated medicine.

    CLN offers the hard ware and software for doctors and investors who wish to start the hospitals and clinics thereby they can open and start their own hospitals and clinics with minimum financial burdens and risks.

    CLN also provides existing hospital and clinic owners with an outsourcing service such as dispatching specialists, nurses, receptionists, medical accountants, medical clerks, radiologists, rehabilitation and laboratory staff to facilitate their efficient management and daily operation.

    Our goal is to create an international network among medical facilities, organizations and various types of specialists to provide the best and the most effective medical services for all the patients who need the most accurate and proper treatments with best services.




  • Clinetは、全国の医療機関をサポートします。我が社が運営管理する医療機関に対し、独占的に医療業務等の営業活動を行う権利を与え、管理する経営システムです。


クリニック -Clinic-

医療施設上要・低コストにて開業・経営上安皆無 医療技術およびサービスの提供 ご自身のモチベーション管理ご本人と医療技術のみでクリネット関連医院の院長として医療に専念していただけます。

クリネット -Clinet-

店舗(クリニック)提供 各種バックアップ 店舗(クリニック)提供・クリニックの経営をバックアップ、従業員管理・給与計算・会計・税務サービス、経営管理情報システム、開業支援サービス。医療行為以外の各種活動を院長に代わりClinetが代行いたします。